Arab Republic of Egypt
International Land Port

International Land Port for Trucks and Coolers

It is the first major port in the Arab Republic of Egypt on the borders of the capital - Cairo Governorate, at 53 km Suez Road - Cairo, within the city of Badr, which is one of the important industrial cities of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The port was established to serve Egyptian exports and imports, as well as to be the primary and main land link between the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe to facilitate the movement of goods transport and handling containers and refrigerators.
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National Objectives of the Project

• The collection of trucks inside the yards assigned to the port helps to reduce international shipping prices. • Creating employment opportunities for Egyptian small cars as well as for Egyptian drivers and workers in the field of internal transport.
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International and Regional objectives

• Reduce freight prices by using land transport, increasing the global movement of container exchange. • Connecting most of the world's continents through land ports, using the strategic location of Egypt as the communication center between the continents of the world, in addition to the existence of the Suez Canal and its international value as a container crossing point internationally.
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The Level of Egypt

The port is located on the Suez - Cairo road at 53 Kilo Point on the eastern edge of Cairo Governorate. It is located in the middle of the largest industrial cities in Egypt. It is the 10th of Ramadan City, Badr City, Obour City, New Cairo City, 15th of May City, 6th of October City, In front of the new administrative capital, which is one of the top 10 projects in the world. Read More

International & Regional Advantages

The International Land Port connects Africa, Asia and Europe via the following land ports: Africa: The port connects between North and South Africa. North Africa: through the port of Salloum land - heading to the state of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria.
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Warehouse at the International Land Port

The warehouse was established by the decision of the Minister of Finance No. (27) for the year 2014 under the provisions of the Customs Authority Law No. 66 of 1963 regarding warehouses. The warehouse is covered with insurance documents against risk (burglary, fire, breach of trust) and is covered by an insurance policy on customs duties and value added tax.
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Access to South Africa (Mainland)
  • The international land port connects South Africa through the borders of the states of Egypt and Sudan in the south through the ports of Qustal / Arkin ... to the port of Cape Town, South Africa. The route of the cargo shall be through the regional ring road, which is 2 km away from the land port

Access to North Africa (Mainland)
  • The international land port of the North African countries links the borders of the States of Egypt and Libya through the Salum crossing to Chad / Niger The route of the cargo shall be through the regional ring road, which is 2 km away from the land port

Access to North Asia (Mainland - Multimodal)
  • The international land port connects the countries of Asia through Nuweiba (Egypt) / Aqaba (Jordan). The direction of the route from the land port at 53km Suez Road, passing the Ahmed Hamdi tunnel to the port of Nuweiba. Access Nuweiba / Safaga ports via connect the road direction from the land port start from the 53 km end of the Suez road, turning right - Zafarana road to the port of Safaga and return.

Access to the canal ports
  • Access to the Egyptian ports starting to arrive to the countries of the world through the regional ring road, which is 2 kilometers from the land port - which also links more than 16 Egyptian governorates

  • The total area of the port is 210000 meters, the first phase was completed with an area of 105000 meters, at a cost of 100 million pounds, and the second phase 105000 meters, facing the Suez Road 500 square meters and the depth of 420 square meters.
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  • Customs Committee for Exports and Imports (Customs Authority). Committee for the renewal of the charter books of the drivers of these trucks. Export and Import Control Committee and all the inspection and supply authorities and certificates of origin (General Organization for Export and Import Control).
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  • Gas station, lubrication and car wash. All repair workshops are needed for these trucks. Shipping equipment.
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  • Sterilization plant for agricultural crops , 160 ton trucks scale balance , 36 customs clearance offices. , Banking services
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Egypt - International Land Port
Badr City
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